Thursday, October 13, 2005


I have the privelege of having the greatest wife on earth. We recently attended a "Family Life" marriage conference. It was so cool being able to spend some time with Penny in a learning envirnoment, especially learning about each other. I would encourage all couples to attend one of these conferences. Check out thier website at Penny and I have a day off together every week. That day is Monday. Don't try to get a hold of either of us. We don't answer phones or emails!! It's one of those beautiful things when you just "hang out" and go out on a date. We like to hit the beach (which is only 2.4 miles away!), go to my parents house, do nothing at home, do some chores, etc..
My family (mom, dad, sis and her fam) is amazing. We have the privelege of living within 20 miles of each other. Mom and Dad are doing great. He works the same the job (Lightning Electric), enjoys LeMans Racing (because of the Corvette), and loves the WB tv show "Smallville". Mom is still keeping their house immaculate, cooking up a storm and she races around town in a Chevy Tahoe. Bethany (my sister) and her husband Dave are doing great too. We get to hang with them every once and a while. Their kids are growing up quickly. All of my family is very active in their church.


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