Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some Thoughts....

I had 3 parties this weekend. I think I might have gained 5 pounds. Yuck!

Not a minute goes by that I don't think of my Siberian sons. I keep thinking to myself that this adoption will be final sooner rather than later.

This past Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of an ordination church service for one of my best friends, Billy Almaguer. It is so cool to watch a man grow in his ministry like Billy.

Tomorrow is our last regular large group meeting for our Student Ministry. Next week we are having a Christmas party with 6 other church student ministries from the area. I will post more on this, but please pray for us as we look to reach hundreds of students in this area.

I have never watched an episode of The Apprentice, but the new celebrity version looks awesome and I may watch it. I will be rooting for former heavy weight champ Lennox Lewis.

The Miami Dolphins are 0-13 and the New England Patriots are 13-0. How ironic that these 2 teams will be playing soon. I know it is almost impossible, but what if the Dolphins win this? I have seen stranger things happen. I really hope New England loses at least one game this year.

I am addicted to The Bigs, a game for the Wii. It is an amazing baseball game if you are into those types of games.

On my iPhone this week: Harry for the Holidays, Harry Connick; A Charlie Brown Christmas, Vince Guaraldi Trio; Our first trip to Russia video (sorry, it's not public yet!)

Is there a better rock band in the world than the Foo Fighters? They just know how to rock and you don't have to worry about obscenities.

I have come to the conclusion that McDonalds makes the best iced coffee. It's incredible. If you havent tried it yet, run out right now and order a large vanilla iced coffee and leave me a comment!



At 12/11/2007, Blogger Journey of Faith said...

Hey, I think I'll wait till we reach Moscow, and see if the Russian version is great, too. How bout it? First round is on us.

At 12/13/2007, Blogger MWest said...

Hard to believe a team of "professionals" can't win at least 1 game. The Dolphin fans will soon be wearing paper bags over their heads like they did in Tampa Bay years ago.

At 12/13/2007, Blogger Justin & Aimee said...

Mickey D's iced coffee... no thanks. Someone at work told me the same thing - that it was the bomb, so I had them pick me up one. I thought it was pretty awful, kind of like a wet, dirty ashtray.

Now, a Frappucino, or even a Coolatta (the Dunkin Donuts version)... with some flavor (not just cold coffee) THAT I can do. But then again, I'm one of those people that puts so much sugar and milk in coffee that I don't think it can be classified as coffee any more.

HOWEVER, every so often I get a good cup - and by my standards, that means the coffee TASTES like the beans SMELL. Now THAT's good coffee. Any suggestions?

At 12/13/2007, Blogger Christine said...

I'm going to McDonalds today. ;)

I just found your blog. You're adopting from Russia, right?

At 12/13/2007, Blogger Chris Goeppner said...

yes christine, thats correct! we are hoping to go to russia (2nd trip) very soon to bring our sons home! thanks for stopping by.

At 12/14/2007, Blogger Esther said...

I had a McDonalds Iced Coffee this summer. It was terrible. Maybe there was just a bad barista?

I'll try them again ;o)


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