Thursday, October 13, 2005


Sports: Football season is up and running! Its all about the Canes and Dolphins. This makes for an interesting and exciting weekend every week through December!! I have been dissapointed in the Canes (losing to the (Womenoles) and being tested by lesser opponents. The Dolphins on the other hand have been briliant (look I'm comparing them to last year's miserable season!). One thing Im looking forward to is basketball season. The Miami Heat (my team) should be a good team and possibly bring a championship to South Florida. Speaking of the Heat, we saw Shaq's house last Friday. He has a bobblehead of himself on his boat dock. Anyway, I look forward to seeing Dwayne Wade slash and dash through the lanes.
TV: Fall means all new episodes of my favorite shows. Lets start with Smallville. Everyone loves Superman, so this show rocks! It looks as if Clark and Lex are beginning to become arch enemies! Crazy stuff. I can't wait till Superman begins to fly. Should make for good tv. Lost returns for season two. If you haven't followed this show yet, you have to get caught up. Go ahead and download Season one from iTunes and watch the whole season on your new video iPod. Its absolutley worth it. A few other shows worth mentioning are Surface, CSI Miami and Invasion. Check your local listings.


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