Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Peru: Saturday

We left Huaraz around 8 this morning to catch a fight back to Lime. I’m going to miss this place; I felt like I left part of me here, oh, I did leave part of myself here (see Wednesday night). We were at the Huaraz airport and I must say, it was the most beautiful, most picturesque ever (see). Our flight arrived back in Lim where we met up with some folks from SoFlo. We were at this delightful place for about 4 hours. Time to shop a little, eat and Skype mi espossa. Our next flight would take us to the deep jungle where piranha and natives call home. I was completely surprised by the size Pocapalla. There are 400,000 that live here. Tom Hough, is our contact here, he has lived here his whole life (I think he was born here!). We came to home base where I couldn’t believe my eyes. This place is a total oasis in the middle of the bustling jungle. Oh yeah, no altitude sickness here, I did pick up a nasty cold though. We finished the day with a healthy filet mignon at Orlandos then a hot shower.



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