Friday, February 22, 2008

Russia Trip 2: Birthday boy!

We celebrated our oldest son's birthday today! He actually turns 4 tomorrow but it's national holiday here (Man's Day) and everything is closed till Tuesday. I think we need a Man's Day in America! It was so amazing to watch the orphanage directors put together a special day for our son. We brought all kinds of treats in for his play group (about 15 or so kiddos) and they all sang happy birthday in the unique Russian way. He felt so special. The next few days will be long for us as we will not be able to see our sons (even though they are legally ours!). Please pray.



At 2/22/2008, Blogger Debbie B said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday party. Glad you were there to take part in it.

We're praying you find things to keep busy while you wait.

At 2/22/2008, Anonymous jody said...

God is so good. He answered your prayer that they would be yours before his birthday. How sweet that you could bless all of the children with treats!

At 2/23/2008, Blogger MWest said...

Man's Day....I bet women would say that everyday is Man's Day in the US. So what are some of the Russian traditions of Man's Day? Watch hockey all day on TV, drink as much vodka as you want, eat as much Russian soup as you want, etc. Actually after some quick research, here's what I found out.
Men's Day (formerly know as The Army Day) - February 23: This holiday is celebrated on the 23rd of February. It is our tribute of respect to all the generations of Russian soldiers from the ancient times till nowadays to those who defeated courageously our motherland from invaders. On this day all the masculine representatives from boys to old men receive congratulations and presents and the military men greet each other. Women have a happy opportunity to say the warmest and the sweetest words to their lovers and to please them with signs of attention.
They even celebrate Women's Day in March. Russia sounds like a pretty "cool" place. (No pun intended)
Can't wait to see pictures - gotcha in prayer

At 2/25/2008, Blogger Max Power said...

"Man's Day" could simply be called "No Pants Day" in America.

I tried to have a "Man Day" last week but Dan sent me home from the office, claiming I was suffering from "overexposure"...


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