Monday, August 11, 2008

Strange Themed Restaurants

I love Its. one of those sites that I frequent. Today they posted about strange themed restaurants. Have you been to any of these restaurants?

Buns and Guns - Beirut, Lebanon
Cannabalistic Sushi – Tokyo, Japan
Cabbages and Condoms - Bangkok, Thailand
Modern Toilet - Taipei, Taiwan
Hitler’s Cross - Mumbai, India
Maid Cafes - Tokyo, Japan
Pitch-Black Restaurant - Beijing, China
Graveyard Restaurant - Ahmadabad, India
Death Themed Restaurant - Truskavets, Ukraine
The Hellfire Club – Manchester, UK
Vampire Café - Tokyo, Japan
Hobbit House – Manila, Phillipines
Robot-Staffed Restaurant – Nuremburg, Germany
Mao-Era Red Guards Restaurant – Nanning, China
Christon Café – Tokyo, Japan



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