Wednesday, June 07, 2006

E-Mail Hoaxes.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been getting this "Missing 13 Year Old" e-mail. I'm sure some of the readers of "Life & Times" have received this e-mail as well. The first time I received it was from an old friend who is really into the whole e-mail forward thing. Well, when I got it I went straight to this site to see if it had been reported as a hoax yet. Sure enough Ashley Flores right in the "What's New" section (also check out this article). Poor Ashley was a not abducted or anything like that, but she was the recipient of a massive prank pulled off by some of her friends in middle school. Do you ever wonder how many of the e-mail forwards you receive are bootleg? I'm willing to bet that 95% if not ALL of the "Attention", "Warning", "Amber Alert" or "Sign this petition" e-mails are straight up hoaxes. What e-mail hoax would you say is the most ridiculous? Any come to mind?


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