Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Entertainment: Why I Like LOST.

I believe the ABC hit show LOST may be the single greatest television show of all time. Last year my wife started watching it from the get go and I resisted. At the end of the first season there was a review episode. After watching it I was hooked! Here is why I like LOST.
The Mystery - Most LOSTies would agree with me on this one. The greatest draw to the show is the incredible mystery. Behind every character, situation and relationship is mystery. You want to know the answers. What is the Dharma Initiative? The Hanso Foundation? Is Walt really someone special? Who are "the others"? I could go on and on.
The Characters - I love the people on the show. From Hurley to Eko to Jack to Locke. Each person is unique and complex. I would have to say the character I like the most is Sayid, the Iraqi communications officer turned interrogator. He has proven to be a valuable asset to those in the LOST community. He's smart, tough and has a cool demeanor. I loved it when he interrogated "Henry Gale". Here is my order of next favorite characters: Jack Shepard, John Locke, Kate Austen and Eko.
The Island - What a beautiful place. The island is it's own character. There is mystery, intrigue, beauty. How about all of the hatches, the old boat in the middle, the airplane wrecks, etc., etc. Where in the world is this place?
"The Others" - I love "the others". Who are they? What are they on the island for? How did they get there? Why did they want Walt so bad? Why do they want Jack, Locke, Kate and Sawyer in exchange for Walt? If it wasn't for "the others" the show wouldn't have its appeal. I still think that the LOSTies led by Sayid should go and kick" the others" butts!!


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