Monday, May 29, 2006

Entertainment: Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is the day when we remember our fallen American soldiers. There haved been hundreds of thousands of men and women who have sacrificed their lives to defend the freedoms of this country. I am forever grateful for this. Think about it, without the freedoms we have here in the US our worship would be restricted and the internet would be government run. If I wanted to take an afternoon and fire off a couple of hundred rounds from my Glock .40 I wouldn't be allowed. There would probably be no National Basketball Association so we wouldn't be able to enjoy the incredible talent of Dwyane Wade on the hardwood! Speaking of which, today Miami plays the Detroit Pistons in a crucial game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. What a way to celebrate the freedoms and sacrifices by watching and enjoying a great American sport! Thank you soldiers! Go Heat!


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Very joyous one indeed... just 1 more......


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