Monday, January 15, 2007

Southeastern Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference 2007: Day 1

I left this morning from Jupiter with Pastor Dan, Bryon, Jeff (our worship guy) and good friend and resident missionary Chris Tress. After stopping for lunch (in po-dunk Lake Wales). We arrived about an hour late to the conference in St. Petersburg (nickname "Heavens waiting room"). The theme of this years conference is "Attitudes of the Heart". We will be stuying the book of Philippians.

Here is a breakdown of the day:
Session 1: Danny Hodges, pastor at CCSP spoke (we caught the last few minutes). He talked about the sins of envy, rivalry and competition in ministry. Good stuff. Pretty convicting. I always enjoy Danny's teaching style.

Session 2: Jim Gallagher from CC Vero Beach shared from Philippians 1:21. He discussed the fact that we as Christians should be driven by the statement "to live is Christ".

Break: We had dinner at Olive Garden with our boys from CC Port St. Lucie (Pastor Mike, Teddy and Lee). Good friends, good food.

Session 3: Bob Coy (CC FtL) continues the Philippians study and encourages us to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel. He shared some pretty candid thoughts from his personal experience at his church. To be honest, I was a little thrown of by the flow of his message. He went from several clear points (convicting and applicable) to an almost defence of his church's recent fundraising drive and other things that some Calvary hardliners have accused and judged. My thoughts: who cares. God is obviously blessing what your doing in Ft. Lauderdale, Pastor Bob. You don't need to use the pulpit to defend yourself. I wish he would have given his fourth point, instead he felt compelled to defend his decision making unnecessarily.

Check back tomorrow for day 2.



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