Monday, January 08, 2007

8 Years ago today....

....I said "I do" to the most amazing woman on the planet! That's right, Penny and I are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. It's incredible how time flies. We got hitched on a Friday night after only a 4 and half month engagement. I look forward to the rest of our lives together. I love you baby!



At 1/08/2007, Anonymous Billy said...

Congrats guys! Kelli and I are very thankful for your friendship and recognize that since your closer to the 10 year mark then we are that means your 'older' :)

At 1/08/2007, Blogger Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a beautiful picture.

At 1/08/2007, Blogger Bob Franquiz said...

Congrats bro!

And they said it would never last :)

At 1/09/2007, Blogger Geppapa said...

thank you very much! true about the never last thing, we used to hear the whole shotgun sound all of the time.


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