Saturday, December 30, 2006

Next Year.

Every time a new year comes around I'm just like you, I think, what can I do to make this a better year, what changes can I make personally that will make me a better child of God, husband to my wife, shephard to the people God has placed in my watch, etc. Here are some changes and adjustments I will make this year:
  • I will rise at 6 am everyday to start my day with Jesus. This is a must.
  • I will go through the Bible using Mr. Mondok's track, simple and not overwhelming.
  • I will become a father (hopefully sooner than later) and therefore I need to be less cluttered in my scheduling, so I will stick to a strict schedule, with appointments falling ONLY in the time allotted.
  • Mondays are my day off. This day will continue to be sacred for family. No calls, e-mails or activities.
  • Reading will be a major focus of my year. I want to complete 2 books a month, a very do-able thing for me.
  • Discipleship will be a huge part of my life as I look to reproduce myself in others. There are four particular young men that I will exhaustively teach and lead. My hope is that by the end of the year these guys will be ready to mentor and disciple others.
  • I want to cut down my TV and Internet intake. I will do this by limiting viewing times to after 8 am and before 10 pm. Considering I am working during the day typically after 8 am and till 6-7 pm.


At 12/30/2006, Blogger Debbie said...

Think I might join you on that Bible reading plan. It does look simple enough to not overwhelm. Which is what I need.

At 1/01/2007, Anonymous billy said...

I down loaded the mondok plan too...seems to be the plan of choice this year!

I'm excited to see you and Penny become parents! Kelli and I are praying for you two and your children!!! Bring them home soon!!!


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