Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fantasy Football.

This year I participated in 4 fantasy football leagues. That was way too much. I finished 8th in one league, 9th in another and 10th in another. I know, pretty bad, huh? Well the league that mattered most to me was the Blogger Bowl Yahoo League. And you guessed it, I won the championship, beating the blogging world's famous Transition Pete , 77-71 in the final weekend of fantasy football. I must say this helps with the sting of being so pathetic in the other 3 leagues. Notice below:



At 12/28/2006, Anonymous transitionpete said...

yeah, yeah, yeah... so you won the blogger bowl...


(77-71 in my book is a win by the skin of your teeth... i guess you'll have to get ready to defend your crown for next year!)


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