Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best of 2006: Blogs

The Unofficial Apple Weblog - Keeps me up to date on all things Mac! Loads of cool app's, software and hardware are reveiwed. If you don't have this on your favorites, stop sleepin'.

Mondok Blog - One of my mentors and closest friends (as well as co-worker!) always has something to say about something. Dude should write a book, soon.

Spitbox - This blog-zine encapsulates some of my favotite bloggers Los, Pete and Dustin along with others. Always pithy and usually funny.

UM Hurricanes - Omar Kelly posts daily keeping me up to date on my boys down at the U. Big O can be controversial and always has hundreds of comments to comb through.

TV Squad - Helps me keep up to date on my favorite TV shows and more. Great, simple writing with tons of current information.

Honorable Mention -; Jonathan Herron; Bob.Blog; ysmarko



At 1/01/2007, Blogger Bryon Mondok said...

you're 2 kind.

At 1/01/2007, Blogger Geppapa said...

i know : )


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