Friday, April 06, 2007

I just got JOOST!

I finally recieved my Joost invite. If your not familiar with Joost Frantic Industries has an informative article about it. Here are some Joost bullets:
  • Joost is from the Skype people.
  • Joost offers free streaming ad-supported video.
  • Joost has premium content.
  • It's in Beta so they are working out the kinks.
  • I have included a screen captures from my BlackBook.

If you want an invite leave a comment, I'll hook you up as soon as the Joost people give me some to distribute..



At 4/06/2007, Blogger stoqboy said...

Congratulations on your Joost. Is it worth the hype its receiving? Would appreciate an invite, thanks!

At 4/06/2007, Blogger Victor Estrada said...

Hey Chris, that sounds cool. I'd love an invite too if you have enough. I'm sure you'll have plenty of people asking.

Oh that reminds me, my name is Victor. I'm a worship pastor from out in So Cal. I ran across your blog just the other day from Pete's blog. Glad to have you in my RSS reader.

- Vic

At 4/07/2007, Anonymous leus said...

Joost is great product! is the future P2PTV .
Can’t wait to watch !

Pros: not have spyware like tvants.

Please sendme one

Thanks !

At 4/07/2007, Blogger m brunjes said...

hook me up, please.

At 4/08/2007, Blogger J Dub said...

The latest from Gadgetman.

At 4/08/2007, Blogger MWest said...

Hook me up Inspector Gadget

At 4/08/2007, Blogger J Dub said...

Oh yeah, I'd like one too please.

At 4/11/2007, Blogger Chris Goeppner said...

working out some issues right now with my joost software. as soon as i get this thing running i will send out the invites!

At 4/11/2007, Anonymous Christer Eriksen said...

Nice blog you've got! Please invite me to Joost if you have the chance! =)


At 4/13/2007, Anonymous George said...

If you've got some spare tokens... please send me an invite!!!
iheityahu [at]

At 4/17/2007, Blogger hans said...

Very good blog.... Would appreciate an invite, thanks!

At 4/19/2007, Blogger Ella said...

Hi, I'd love to test Joost out and pass out invites when I get them~ Could you send me an invite when you get some? Thanks!)[at]


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