Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Peru: Sunday AM

Woke up with a mess of a sinus infection and cold. Had breakfast with the hole crew then we headed off to church. I really didn’t know what to expect. I haven’t been to a different church in years. We drove through the center city of Pulcalpa (very interesting) towards the river (which is the heart of the jungle) and parked in front of the Indain center. This is a place where indigounous peoples come for refuge, it’s a safe house, as a lot of the tribal people have a hard time getting plugged into the culture of this metropolis in the jungle. This place was so incredible. Let me start with the people in the center. They are just looking for a place to fit, the outer jungle now longer is home and they want to enjoy the luxuries of the developing world. Just picture a Salvation Army type of mission, that’s what you have except for 2 things: the Bible College and of course the church where we were about to experience the Sunday service. What a blessing to see people from a different world from me worship and learn about the same God that I serve. It’s so humbling to see people pour their all into the ministry. I could write on and on but, you know. After church we went to lunch, I didn’t eat (still sick, no taste) and had an Inca Cola. Top notch, No better soda on the planet.

Here is a video clip from the Indian Church



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