Friday, June 01, 2007

Some thoughts....

Just watched "Blood Diamond". Sad, brutal movie with a good story. The hardest part was dealing with Leo's horrible accent.

I'm leaving for camp on Monday. Alot of the students that we are bringing have never been to summer camp, let alone a Christian camp. Please pray for us.

We are finally getting a load of rain down here in SoFlo thanks to Tropical Storm Barry. My grass was looking pretty rough.

I had the oppportunity to speak at the baccalaureate of our local Christian school. What a tough crowd. Graduating seniors at a Christian school. I thought it went well.

On my iPod: Ray Charles "Ray" Soundtrack, Lifehouse "No Name Face", DJ Morphiziz "Best of the Submissions", Falling Up "Dawn Escapes"

My wife says I been snoring out of control this week. Is it because I'm getting old? Nope. It's the freakin' head cold that won't go away!

Why do restaurants have to put tomatoes on everything? I hate tomatoes.

It's summer TV season, you know reality shows. Yawn. Time to watch reruns of "The Office", "Extras", and catch up on movies.

I just baught a new pack. I have had my EastPak of 7 years. I'm not retiring it, just demoting it.



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