Friday, July 13, 2007

Some Thoughts....

The iPhone is all it has been hyped up to. For the haters out there: you don't know what your talking about.

On my iPhone:
Proverb, "A Common Mans Opus". If you are into hip-hop, the real boom bap stuff, this album is for you. Proverb brings very thoughtful lyrics to simple yet, hard hitting beats. Fans of KRS One, Rakim or Common this is up your alley. Key tracks: "True Love Song","Get At It"
Lifehouse, "Who We Are". I believe Lifehouse is a band that will define a decade or maybe even longer. They consistently pump out quality music with a staple sound. This album is a must in every music fans collection.
"The Office" - Season 1 "Healthcare", "Basketball"; Season 2 "Halloween", "The Injury", "Dwight's Speech"
"Looney Tunes" - 14 episodes (all Bugs Bunny)

I'm a big dark chocolate fan. Forget the milky stuff, bring it dark baby! In German dark chocolate is translated into English as "men's chocolate". Nuff said.

My knee is heinous. It looks like I have a cantaloupe growing underneath the skin. I'd appreciate your prayers for a quicker recovery.

It has been wicked hot down here. At least we have been getting rain so my grass is green!

Our church building project is moving along. We had the foundation poured today and we look forward to having the walls and roof up in the next couple/few weeks.

I got a hammock from my family for my birthday this week. I cant wait till I'm a little bit more mobile so I can plop down in it with a book. Hopefully those days are soon!

Adoption news! Finally. I will keep you posted .



At 7/13/2007, Blogger luv247muzac said...

I was just listening to the new Lifehouse cd this morning driving to work. I'm not a hater of the IPhone. I'm just in the group that would like one but can't afford it. Been praying for you.

At 7/13/2007, Blogger Kushmama said...

Yipeeeee!!! I'm so excited to see your new building moving along. There's light at the end of the more set up and tear down!


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