Sunday, July 08, 2007

South Florida Crime Solution

This week I have been exhausted by all of the crime reports here in Palm Beach County. It seems like it's out of control. We again made the news, this time of the International variety. Palm Beach County is beginning to resemble the high crime cocaine cowboy days of Miami in the '80's. Everyday there are 3-4 life threatening crimes committed in this county and they are are all typically drug or gang related. I am concerned but I think there is a solution. Pay attention police departments and sheriff. The city of Boston has gone old school and has hit the streets by foot. Thats right foot patrol. It's a fascinating result:
"For the first six months of the year, homicides were down 14 percent. Robberies were down 12 percent. And shootings were down 31 percent. Until this year, murders had been on the rise for the past decade."
This says something to the affectiveness of officers rubbing shoulders with the people of the community that they are serving as opposed to officers patroling from their vehicles. I believe that the Boston PD is showing Americas crime riddled cities what it takes to fight crime. Read the whole article and watch the video here. How is your city on crime? Do you feel safe when you go out?



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