Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And the paper trail continues....

Yesterday Penny left to visit her family for a couple of days in the All-American city of Charleston, SC. After a month or so of silence on the adoption front (if you didn't know, we are adopting 2 kiddies from Russia) we get a call from our agency telling us that the first week of September will be a very important week for adopting families in Russia as they will be processing families for adoption of children. Of course, nothing has been easy with this process and this continues as we have been told that we MUST have ALL of the paper work by next week! Well, I have had to Pinch Hit for my wonderfully patient wife and try to compile as much of the paper as possible. What a grueling job! This makes me appreciate so much all of the hard work and patience that Penny has put into this process. Please pray for us as we are continuing with adoption fatigue. It's brutal. That's all I will say. For more Russian adoption news go to our adoption blog HERE. Stay tuned....



At 8/23/2007, Blogger Debbie said...

So glad you guys got some good news.
You can do it. Just remember blue ink and DON'T remove any staples!!
Praying for you to get it all done on time so you can finally meet your children.

At 8/23/2007, Blogger Chris Goeppner said...

You can do it!! I love you Babe!

At 8/23/2007, Blogger J Dub said...

Yeah Chucktown!

Work hard Chris.

At 8/23/2007, Anonymous billy said...

AWESOME!!!! are you making it without her there?


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