Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How do you watch your movies?

Today Netflix just changed the way you and I will watch our movies at home. Home theatre all began for me in 1984 with a Montgomary Ward VCR. My family used that machine until 1996. I purchased my first DVD player in 2000 and the first DVD purchased was "The Matrix". We then used our PS2 as our entertainment center. 2 years ago we went to the Mac Mini as our preferred media center. We added a Miglia HD converter, an external hard drive to store our torrented movies/tv shows. Today will mark another change. Roku introduced the new Netflix Player which will allow you to view 10,000 movies and tv shows from a database. This will grow weekly and eventually will be HD and is easily upgradable (via firmware). Read more here. Sign up for Netflix here.

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