Monday, March 26, 2007

Heroes: Herb Newsome

I first met Herb, aka, Proverb in 1991. I was at a club named "Horizons" in downtown West Palm Beach, Fl. There was a hip-hop group named 1Way that performed that night. I was totally blown away by the excellence of the music and passion behind it. I had the honor and privilege of talking with Proverb, the unofficial leader of the group that evening. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship that I value to this day. Proverb has always been someone I admire. Whether it was his humility after performing before hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of hip-hop fans or his tireless dedication at his place of employment. Proverb is a man that challenges me to be a better man. He has spear headed ministry to inner-city teenagers and young adults for almost two decades now. This blows my mind. I have rarely seen the commitment and dedication from a human being towards a desperate and self destructing culture. Proverb has brought a voice of hope and unwavering truth to many lives in South Florida. Many people have been touched by this man, including mine. It has been an honor and privilege to watch him grow in ministry (check his MySpace here) and in life (he has a wonderful wife, Pam and amazing son, Micah). This man has been an incredible example to me and those around him to dedication, consistency, humility and hard work. I am blessed to say he is a friend, a mentor, a Hero.

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