Monday, March 19, 2007

Heroes: Dan Plourde

Dan has been my pastor for 7 years. This man has given me more opportunity than any person has ever dared give me. He saw potential in me when no one else did. Pastor Dan has believed in me, well, when there really wasn't a whole lot to believe in. He has shown me what it is like to mentor and disciple without being all up in your junk, yet do it effectively. I have been in and around the church for about 25 years and I have never seen a human being understand grace like this man. He gets it and this shows by the way he leads his church. It was probably 2 years ago or so and some things started to shake up in our church. I made it a point to closely watch how my pastor handled severe criticism of himself, his family and of the church itself. Although he wasn't perfect (as none of us could ever be) he showed me how a Godly man handles difficulties. When some folks tried to make issue of his families adoption of a baby girl from China, he didn't flinch. None, nada. I know how I would have reacted. He has taught me what its like to navigate through ministry, good times and bad times. I can always count on Pastor Dan being tactful with me. When he sits me down and reminds me of my time management priorities and tells me to spend time with my wife, he does it in grace and love. Not only does Pastor Dan have grace, tactfulness and love, he is a world class Bible teacher. I'm not just saying this to toot my Pastors horn, but the dude can bring the Word like few pastors. You wanna try me? Listen to one of his latest teachings from the book of Genesis. You will be blown away by the gift that the Lord has given this man. Of all of the nice things I can say about my "Heroes" there is one that I know is considered a great honor. That is when a man is commended for his fathering. Pastor Dan is the second most committed father I have ever seen (of course after my Dad!) Pastor Dan loves his 8 kids like very few men. He spends time with his kids, he nurtures his kids and is an amazing example to his children of what it is to be Godly. I love this man. He is one of my Spiritual Heroes. He knows grace, love and tact. He is a man who is incredibly gifted and is building a family legacy, right before their eyes. He's my pastor. He's one of my "Heroes".

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At 3/20/2007, Blogger J Dub said...

P Diddy is the man.


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