Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bush Bashers.

I voted for President George W. Bush twice. I'm proud of it. I admit, he has been pretty sketchy when it comes to communicating to the American people. He is just not a good communicator and depends too much on the good ol' boy network that his dad developed. That's okay, he's still our elected leader, and I support him AND our troops, 100%. One thing that is a big warning sign to me is when the left of the Democratic Party and all of Hollywood align themselves inadvertently (or on purpose) with the likes of Hugo Chavez (dictator of Venezuela), Fidel Castro and the leaders of terrorist harboring nations like Syria and Iran. All of these leaders have held anti-Bush rallies, hate the direction of America. Bottom line: the leftists in America (you fill in the blank) are aligned with world leaders that would be satisfied to see our President be assassinated. They have the same values and world view. Interesting.



At 3/11/2007, Blogger MWest said...

Amazing how all the critics voted to go to war but when things get tough, they want to bail out. Even if we had found substantial weapons of mass destruction, they would still be whining just so they can gain power. Politics is getting more disgusting all the time. I have more respect for Bush now than I did after the attack because he is all about doing what is right; not what's easy.

At 3/12/2007, Anonymous ba said...

Bush is a leader...bottom line. Like it or not he makes hard decisions. I'm glad he was in office when 911 happened...who know's what 'programs' we would have in place to help us curb our anger towards radical islam if Gore were in office.


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