Friday, March 09, 2007

Some thoughts...

Florida is a really boring state to drive in. As I write this I am sitting in a van driving on the Turnpike. Flat land, small trees and black water canals.

When I travel without my wife I just don’t like it! I have missed her.

I have laryngitis. I wonder if someone has been praying for God to shut my mouth.

I sat in a breakout session with Thom Rainer, co-author of “Simple Church”. Good stuff. If you haven’t read it yet, buy it here. You wont regret it.

I can’t get MC Pee Pants song “I Want Candy” out of my head. You too can join me in my recent fixation.

NBC has made a brilliant decision by making 1 hour episodes of “The Office” re-runs. I cant wait to see all of the “deleted scenes” added to the original run of the show.

I am preaching this Sunday at my church. I can't wait and I’m so blessed that my pastor would entrust me. Those are some big shoes that I could never fill.

Football season starts in 6 months.

I think Shaq has it in him to lead the Heat to a playoff run. The question is, can his body take it. If his 35 year old body feels anything like mine, no way.

No adoption update. Things are at a stand still, still.



At 3/10/2007, Blogger Chris Goeppner said...

I don't like you traveling without me either!=)

At 3/10/2007, Anonymous Mike Brunjes said...

Try driving for three hours across I-10. I will be praying for Sunday that your throat gets better. I wish I could be there to hear you.


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