Monday, March 12, 2007

I preached yesterday.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fill in for my pastor as he was at another church (one of our church plants) to be a part of an ordination. I had a blast, even though I was still battling laryngitis. I preached on Trials out of James 1. As most of you know my wife and I are in the adoption process. 17 months in it has become a real trial! So I was preaching from my on going trying experience. Here are some points from my message:
James 1:2-8,12
The Subject: Trials
The Initial Result: Patience
The Purpose: Maturity
The Gift: Wisdom
The Expectation: Faith
The End Results: Blessing for Us and Praise to God!
After the message Jeff closed the morning with a wicked praise "Reckless". Over all it was a great morning. I had a blast and felt like I delivered the message that the Lord wanted. I know the church will be very happy to have our pastor back in the saddle on Sunday.



At 3/12/2007, Anonymous BA said...

Given the adoption process...I'm sure you had a lot to draw from. I will be exciting to see you and Penny as parents...I will be the first one teach the kids how to eat cheetos and surf the web with your mac!

At 3/13/2007, Blogger J Dub said...

Romans, James, Ecclesiastes, and the Gospels...if I had to pick out just a few books to have, those are them. You could put Psalms in there too.

I guess my point is that I love the book of James.

And Ecclesiastes may seem to be a weird choice, but I've always liked, after listening to the Matt Chandler series on it, it's solidly up there.

At 3/13/2007, Blogger J Dub said...

Oh, also, how many times did you say, "Does that make sense?" You have to say that at least three times to preach there, I think :-).


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