Thursday, October 20, 2005


Over the past two days Penny & I have been interveiwed by our social worker. In order to adopt our children from Russia, we must be approved by a state approved social worker. I guess they want to make sure we aren't dirt bags. Anyway, Pam (our social worker - see picture with Penny) was very nice. She asked the basic questions about our family lives growing up. It was nice telling her about my experiences with my family. I shared with her my times camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my parents and sister. She asked how I was disciplined, and what I envisioned my role as a father will be like.
It was a benchmark for us in this whole adoption process. We feel like we have passed through the first of many tests that lie ahead. Please pray for us as we move forward. Pray that God provides funds, patience and a great experience. Please see our Russian Adoption Blog at


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