Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ministry: Why I Like "The DaVinci Code".

Dan Brown's book "The DaVinci Code" has been a huge success in many more ways than just a NYT's Bestseller: it is soon to be a blockbuster movie starring Tom Hanks and directed by Richie Cunningham; many other books have come out like "DaVinci Code for Dummies" and one I have read "The DaVinci Deception". It is obvious that our culture is intrigued by the whole "DaVinci Code" fad. Many Christians are ticked off about this book/movie. I'm not. It has done the opposite for me. Here is why I like "The DaVinci Code"........

I have had to brush up on Church History. Church history is one of those subjects I have kind of avoided for a long time because I convinced myself that it was irrelevant. Well, thanks to Dan Brown I have changed my mind and I am aggressively researching our Christian history. It has been a joy looking into the early days of persecution to the middle ages of silence and ignorance. I would challenge everyone to better understand and know Church history. My pastor suggested a really good, simple, yet very informative resource here. Check it out.

It keeps you on your toes. Because of all of the recent buzz about the conspiracy attached to the book and upcoming movie, I have had to be more prepared to give an answer. I have always thought it was important to know what I believe, but this "DaVinci Code" deal has really challenged me and convinced me of better knowing my faith. This is a great thing and again, I'm thankful for Dan Brown and his novel for stirring me and keeping me on my toes.

It proves Jesus impact. Have you ever heard anyone write a fictional book about Mohammed? What about Buddah? Or Confucious? Isn't it amazing that a man that lived 2000 years ago still gets people so worked up to the point of trying to change or manipulate His life and legacy. This just proves to me that Jesus impacts this world more than any human in history.

People are curious about Jesus.
Along the lines of the last point, Jesus is like a lightning rod. The fact is, people like to question His claims and legacy. People want to investigate more and try to add their own little spin to His life. Do you remember the movie from the middle '80's "Last Temptation of Christ"? It was one of those weird, twisted yet accepted by the Academy movies that just was pure sick fiction. Only Jesus, the perfect, Son of God that died for the sins of His kids and resurrected on the third day, could do that.


At 4/28/2006, Anonymous mark said...

I can't believe I missed this post... It's awesome... I love your insight!... I want to chat with you about what you're going to tell the youth on the topic....




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