Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Great Experiment.

On Monday June 26, 2006 Penny and I made the break from TV. I know this is a very traumatic event for us, but I believe it's a good thing. It's kind of an internet TV/time stewardship experiment. We want to maximize our time together, save money and give God the first fruits of our time. So no more more turning on the tube, flipping through the channels just to watch "The 5 Best Waterparks in America" on the Travel Channel or reruns of King of the Hill on FX (all the episodes of which I have seen like 5 times). We will watch only that which is available for free on the web (not really free, considering I pay $44 a month for service). A few things I have noticed right off the bat:
1. Its awfully quiet in the house.
Without our boob-tube running all of the time its like the crickets chirping. Our neighborhood is very quiet. Never really noticed that before.
2. Me and Penny talk more. After just one day I have noticed that I talk to my wife a lot more than I did in the TV days. It's pretty cool just having a nice conversation with Penny about whatever comes to mind. I really don't think that its going to hurt our relationship, at all. I hope this isn't a surprise.
3. My dog follows me around more.
Let me introduce you to my dog, Grommit. He is amazing. Sharp as a tack. He realizes that we aren't so preoccupied by that big box in the middle of the big room he likes to hang out in. His response to this experiment has been, he is going where we go (the kitchen, bedroom, office). He's more active, since we aren't sitting down on that soft thing where he used to lay down next to us.
I will keep you updated on our experiment. For now, I kinda of like the quiet and conversation.


At 6/28/2006, Anonymous pete said...

Wow -- brave move! I think that's very cool... kinda like fasting from TV! Keep us up to date on how it's going. I guess there's nothing like omitting couch potatos from your diet to help you experience life!

At 6/28/2006, Anonymous Tex said...

Awesome! If you start getting the shakes you can always kick the ipod-video on.

At 6/28/2006, Blogger J Dub said...

So did you get rid of the TV itself, or just the cable running to it?

This is a cool idea, but I don't think I could do it...especially around college basketball season.

At 6/28/2006, Blogger Max Power said...

When you inevitably grow weaker and die from withdrawl - can I have your cell phone/camera/MP3 player/PDA?

At 6/28/2006, Blogger Geppapa said...

we still have the tv. i have my laptop hooked up to it via mini-dvi and we use a bluetooth mouse. we have watched several movies and shows this way. its definatly an adjustment. especially when football season comes around!


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