Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Great Apple Store Story.

I have been holding back for a couple of weeks, but here you go. A bout a month ago I started experiencing problems with my 12" PowerBook. It kept crashing and a weird kernel notice kept popping up. Well, I decided I would take a ride over to the local Apple Store to see if a Mac specialist could lend a hand. After a whole bunch of diagnostic tests they called me to let me know that the logic board needed to be replaced and it would take about a month to get back. I agreed to the repair and at that time decided to purchase my new MacBook. About a week later I received a call from the Apple Store people to let me know that the California tech guy said there was nothing wrong but they would run more diagnostics. The next day they said I could come pick up the PowerBook. The manager met me with my computer and said that there was a problem. The California tech guy DID indeed fix the logic board AND the memory, about $700 in repairs. He said because of the miscommunication with me that Apple would waive ALL fees and he thanked me for being so patient. That’s what I call customer service. No calls to India, no hassle with a half-know tech guy. People ask me why I prefer Mac to PC. This is just one reason, an awfully big reason.



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