Monday, November 20, 2006

Campus Ministry: Part II

This is part 2 in series where I share the the steps I took become visible and available on local school campuses.

4. Go to lunch - the key to having a successful campus ministry lies in your ability to get on campus during school hours, specifically when students are at lunch. Here you will find students are easy to connect with and are very relaxed, no hustle bustle here. On one campus I usually bring some blow-pops with me and make sure I hand them out to our students. If you chose to go the candy route, check if the administration allows this. A really cool thing about going to lunch is every student goes, so you will see all the students from your ministry and their friends. It's a great opportunity to be visible and available. I have been able to laugh with students and counsel students at this time. Get the schedule from the schools you plan on going to and time your arrival based on the bell schedule. All in all it's only about 2 hours of in your afternoon, worth while for the potential impact.
5. Don't be shy - to this day, I still get butterflies in my stomach as I park my car in the visitor space at a school. There is just something about school that still haunts me. I cannot let this keep me from from going on campus. Once on campus it is easy to sit off to the side and just watch. I have learned to migrate around, introduce myself to students and engage in general and sometime in depth conversations. It is amazing what type of relationship you can begin with students by just being visible and available. Remember, do not be shy. The students will not bite and they typically will be friendly and responsive to your courage!
6. Go to extra-curricular activities - here in south Florida prep football is a huge hit. Every Friday the whole town goes out to a game so I figured it would be a good idea to introduce myself to the head football coach at one of our schools. I told him who I was and that I was here for him, whatever he needed. He invited me out to the practice the next day. This is where he totally shocked me, he introduced me to the whole football program. "This is Chris, he loves the University of Miami and is a reverend that will be around if you guys ever need to talk or pray." Reverend? I know weird, but cool. This has become an invaluable relationship (with the football program). They have invited me to pray before every game, attend banquets and roam the sidelines during games (where I have prayed with injured players and talked with guys about spiritual things). If you have not made an attempt to become visible and available at extra-curricular activities, go do now!

Next week I will discuss Portable Student Ministry Weekly Environments: Where? When? How? What?



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