Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rocky and the church.

Eric at "Foolish Blog" posted about an e-mail he received from of all people, Sylvester Stallone! (READ HERE) It seems that a marketing firm is trying use the Christian church and our deep pockets to sell the latest Rocky movie. Can you see it now, the local church sending flyer's out to the whole community to invite them the pastors series on "Rocky: How to be a winner!". Do you remember last years "The Chronicles of Narnia" the same thing. A bunch of churches jumped on the whole thing. Weird huh? Any thoughts?

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At 11/09/2006, Blogger Peter said...

Greetings my brother in Christ, my first comment on your blog. Hope it's worth while. I think this reminds me of when Jesus went into the temple and threw over all the money changers tables and said they had made His house a house of thieves. It truly is very sad how much the world has influenced the church when it most definitly should be the other way around.


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