Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some thoughts....

Why does every broadcast radio station have to play Christmas music for almost 2 months?

I think Starbucks should make the Gingerbread latte year 'round.

"The Office" is the best TV show, ever.

"Scrubs" is the most random TV show, ever.

The new Incubus album is pretty dern good, you should get it.

I think the Miami Heat are crazy to even consider an Allen Iverson trade. He's a cancer.

I couldn't imagine life without my Mac products, seriously.

It rained all day here in South Florida.
I could never live in Seattle.

I had a great conversation with Bryon about politics. I sense a post in the near future about the '08 Presidential race.

I had a Thai Kitchen "Simply Asia" sesame noodle bowl. Ramen eat your heart out!

I love my church.

Please no more public school Christmas specials!



At 12/15/2006, Blogger mike said...

dude Kapono is not cutting, and payton is old... we need an "answer". I am all for it especially if we can unload Walker, I would hate to have to part with Haslem though.

At 12/15/2006, Blogger Geppapa said...

ai will NEVER take a back seat to shaq & dwade. we need a healthy shaq & wade. add haslem to the mix and a bunch of role players = championship......

At 12/18/2006, Blogger MWest said...

Good radio stations spend good money for good research to help them play what people tell them they want to play. Agree or's a formula that works in the long run. It drives some guys crazy because they don't like the predictability and the repetition.


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