Saturday, November 25, 2006

UM Football

Well the U has let go of Larry Coker as head coach. I'm anxious to find out who will lead the football team for the next several years. I think whoever becomes the new general at the U will have a tremendous opportunity and may even compete for an ACC championship right away with 19 returning starters next season. Here is my list of potential coaches in preferential order:
1. Greg Schiano - head coach at the resurrected Rutgers University. Pros: He is the the former defensive coordinator at the U. Successful head coach, great recruiter, motivator, strong personality. My choice, hopefully he is drawn back down here. Cons: he is a hero in New Jersey. Coaching in the nations largest market with a great fan base. No reason to leave RU except to lead a team to the National Championship.
2. Rob Chudzinski - Tight Ends Coach for the San Diego Chargers. Pros: Chud is the former offensive coordinator for the 'Canes. He ran the offensive when the U was putting up massive numbers. Very successful as a coach in the NFL. I think that he would be a tremendous leader and face for the program. Could help lead an anemic offence. Cons: It's hard to bring a guy form the pros to the collegiate level and no head coaching experience.
3. Randy Shannon - Defensive Coordinator for UM. Pros: has a great report with players. He is hard nosed and has been the leader of the only upside from the program. Would bring a strong presence to the locker room; well know in the community. Very capable head coach. Cons: has never been a head coach; part of the previous regime.
4. Others - Barry Alvarez (former head coach, Wisconsin), Jim Grobe (head coach, Wake Forest), Gary Patterson (head coach, Texas Christian), Dennis Erickson (head coach, Idaho)



At 11/26/2006, Blogger MWest said...

Coker is a class act. If anything...he was too nice. Sorry to see him go.

At 11/26/2006, Anonymous tex said... know you want Mike Leach to come on down and install the south florida aid raid offense!

At 11/26/2006, Blogger Geppapa said...

leach is on the long list, not mine though! i think his niceness was the prob. we need a hard nosed guy that wont take anything from the players.

At 11/27/2006, Blogger mike said...

dont forget about the ol' ball coach. I think you might need a gator to get that program headed in the right direction.

At 11/27/2006, Blogger Geppapa said...

there is never a need for a gator to get the program on the right track. last i checked the U has a championship in the past 5 years. we will never dip to such lows to go for a gator!


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