Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Our new toy.

Yesterday Penny and went to every ones favorite bed and bath and beyond store to look around. That's where we met face to face with a very interesting and potentially useful gadget. It's called a Tassimo Hot Beverage System. We soon convinced ourselves that this is a necessity in our house and decided to take advantage of the sale and a 20% off coupon that we were given by a person from our church and we purchased this wicked machine. A cup of hot cappuccino, tea or coffee in 2 minutes, and it's almost as good as Starbucks! It makes tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other hot beverages. Wicked I say!



At 1/31/2007, Blogger marko said...

dude, that thing is s-e-x-y!

At 2/02/2007, Anonymous ba said...

is it portable?...might look nice next to the wii

At 2/04/2007, Anonymous pete said...

oooo... we've been eyin' one of these for awhile... I'm jealous!


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