Friday, May 04, 2007

Some thoughts...

I am going to talk to a bunch of non-Christ following students at a campus club today. You never know what may happen!

Have you got your Virb on yet? What are you waiting for.

Last nights episode of The Office was very disturbing. Michael Scott may be the most ridiculous character in TV history! Dwight Shrute may be the weirdest TV character in TV history.

I took our Student Ministry staff to Youth Specialties CORE Training last week. The theme was Helping Hurting Kids. Wow, it was powerful and very practical. If you have the chance to attend, do it, it's a great bargain for the wealth of information you receive.

I was introduced to a really good band yesterday, Falling Up. Good stuff. Another band that is growing on me is The Classic Crime.

For you basketball fans: No Heat, no Mavericks. Who will be the new NBA champ? My guess: Detroit, just a hunch.

Still no word on our Russian adoption.


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