Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Adoption Road Trip

When I was single I used to go on random road trips. I remember going to Key West on a whim and going to North Carolina, Virginia and Nash-Vegas at different times for random reasons; I'm sure there were others. Well this week Penny and I took an "out of the blue" trip to our states capital. Here goes the scenario: as many of you know we have been doing the whole paper work pregnancy thing for our Russian adoption. Last week was a big week for us in that we were told we could get in the first batch of September referrals if we had certain paperwork ready. Ready means notarized and apostiled (a notary of the notary). We got our doc's notarized and sent them to Tallahassee to be apotiled. With much anticipation we received the documents from Tallahassee but with out the needed apostiles. We contacted our agency to find out what to do next. We were told because of the circumstance we may lose our spot and may have to wait till the second batch of referrals (who knows when that may be!). For us this was not an option. We waited for the weekend to pass, then Labor Day. On Tuesday we found out the if we sent our docs of to Tallahassee it would take another week of FedEx waiting till we would get the docs sent to Russia who wouldn't receive the docs until September 20th or so. With the encouragement of my boss and pastor, we decided to take a quick road trip north to Orlando first to pick up the fixed notarized docs then transported to them further north to our state capitol. We left Jupiter at 4:30 PM, arrived in Orlando at 6:45 and then on to a 10 PM arrival in Tallahassee. We delivered the docs to the Division of Corporation for apostiling (is that a word?) and then to FedEx-Kinkos for copying and sending. The docs are due to arrive in Krasnoyarsk, Russia on Monday. We arrived back in Jupiter at 3:30 PM this afternoon. Now that's a road trip. 816 miles, 8 documents apostiled, all with-in a 23 hour period. Beat that!

Penny posted some pictures here



At 9/08/2007, Blogger Justin & Aimee said...

Dang! At least your spontaneous road trip had a purpose. I hope everything works out and you get in that first batch of referrals. Good luck!


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