Saturday, September 01, 2007

Friday Night....

Last night was kind of an eventful night for Penny and I. After a crazy full week of life and ministry we were invited to attend a Starbucks "Family & Friends Night" for a new store opening. I must say it was an honor to have been invited to such an occasion. I felt like I was a VIP or something, kind of a red carpet type of feel. Our DJ friend was spinning some music and some other friends who are Starbucks employees were there to greet us. They we giving away everything from bags of coffee to drinks and mugs. I got a free Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and Penny got a Chai. Very cool stuff I must say. I can now say that I am very special to Starbucks, as I have attended a pre-opening employee celebration! When finished we drove down the street to Jupiter High School to watch the season opener for our JHS Warriors football team. They got smoked. It was hard to watch the guys try so hard and put forth such a valiant effort yet get nothing in return. They moved the ball well until they could smell the end-zone. I believe they could have won (as every homer says) but ended up taking a loss, 34-10. At the game I saw a lot of students who attend our ministry environments and felt it was a good opportunity to be visible and available. How was your Friday night? Do you get to go to a Starbucks Party? High school football game?

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At 9/01/2007, Blogger Kushmama said...

did you get me some free coffee???

At 9/15/2007, Blogger MWest said...

The only way I go to Starbucks is with a gift-card. Can you say over-rated?


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