Sunday, September 23, 2007

Life Groups

A few weeks ago we launched our new small group format for the church, Life Groups. As a Student Ministry we joined the movement and launched 4 Life Groups. Each group has 2 leaders and is broken into gender/age (Middle School Guys, High School Guys, etc..). I really believe that this is the most important part of our ministry, giving our students the opportunity to build community with each other in a safe, smaller environment and get to know Jesus in a more in-depth way. Our leaders are all top notch and completely committed to the work of God in our church. We have seen a great turn out, as it has increased over the weeks and I'm sure will continue to do so. The material that our teachers are using is the StudentLife Bible Study. It's wonderful and we all love the fact that it is web-based. We look forward to the continued growth depth wise (spiritually) in this smaller environment as well as width growth (numerically) in our Wednesday environment (MERGE). Does your church have small groups? What material do you use? What about the student ministry at your church, do they have a small group ministry?



At 9/24/2007, Anonymous Billy said...

I dig the student Life studies...thanks for turning me on to those!

We had a blast with your group the other night! My students were blessed!

At 10/15/2007, Blogger Danigirl said...

Chris, My husband and I belong to a wonderful loving church called Plum Creek Community Church. We hold our services in the movie theater which is actually quite nice. We are still new and growing and have lots of wins and challenges to encounter. I do miss belonging to a life group though. I found at our last church, that life groups make such a difference. They drew us closer to our friends at church and we had the support of our group in all areas of our lives. I can't wait for Plum Creek to engage in life groups.



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