Monday, September 10, 2007

Football Weekend

It wasn't a very good football weekend in south Florida. First on Saturday my U Miami 'Canes played Oklahoma in in Norman, Oklahoma. They got a serious beat down! A lot of homers were saying Miami could hang with Oklahoma. Not a chance, Miami 13, Oklahoma 51. Then on Sunday, the Dolphins opened up their season against the Washington Redskins. What a sloppy game. They go into overtime and the Miami defense looked like a group of Pop-Warner midget league kids playing. Washington moved the ball into field goal zone, and they sealed the deal. Miami 13, Washington 16. What's up with 13 points by both teams? How did your team(s) do this weekend? Any winners out there?



At 9/10/2007, Blogger Bryon Mondok said...


At 9/12/2007, Blogger Preston Porter said...

dont really want to talk about it

At 9/15/2007, Blogger MWest said...

KY can beat Miami


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