Monday, September 17, 2007

Some Thoughts....

I went to my last day of physical therapy today (most likely). My therapist said I need to find out from my doc if he wants me to continue or not because my insurance only allowed for 62 days. Today was the 62nd day.

Last week I preached 5 different messages. By Sunday I was running on fumes, but that's when God uses you most, when weakest. Today was a nice day of chillin' with my wife.

I'm convinced that Miami football is dead ("Canes and Dolphins). I remember the days when the Miami teams would score at will and even had a chance to win every week. I'm no quitter or switcher, but man it stinks to watch other schools and team win all the time.

I used the $100 Apple credit from my iPhone. Put it this way, Penny is happy.

This time of year here in South Florida just sucks. It's still 90 degrees and wicked humid. When I lived in places where there was actual season change, this time of year was my favorite. The cooler weather, apple cider, pumpkins and stuff.

I just got Kelly Clarksons latest release. It's actually really good. I don't know what people were thinking when they said it wasn't very good. That chick can sing and this release lets her shine!

I'm really not excited about the whole 2008 Presidential Election. The only guy that I think is an actual leader of the bunch(es) is Rudy. We'll see.

I saw some Navy guys in the mall today. I walked up to them and thanked them for what they do. They looked at me with a kind of "huh?" look. Then thanked me for thanking them.

Have you been following the happenings in Russia? Crazy stuff.

Speaking of the mall, I had Chic-Fil-A. Wow. So good. Love them fries.

The Office
, House and Smallville get their new seasons kicked off soon. Can't wait for new episodes!



At 9/25/2007, Blogger Preston Porter said...

totally agree with the Rudy comment, appears to be the only real leader and the guy I would trust most if faced with terrorism and immagration issues

bad call on the canes though they looked strong on Thursday night, though I am sure you are actually glad about that :)


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