Friday, November 16, 2007

Some thoughts...

Each day that goes by that we don't have our sons it gets more and more difficult for us. we are so thankful for family and friends (including our blogging friends!) for prayer and support.

This whole writers strike is about to get me ticked off! Think about it, no more new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, House or Smallville. Come on execs, pay the writers!!

Penny and I are going to visit her family for Thanksgiving. They live in western North Carolina. Should be beautiful weather this time a year. Where are you going for this amazing holiday?

On our way to NC will make another stop in Tallahassee to get some documents for our adoption apostiled. It's only a few hours out of the way. Better than waiting 2 additional weeks!

I have been playing The Bigs on our Nintendo Wii. This game is sick, if you like baseball video games.

I been working on some leadership principles with some football players from one of our local high school. Last night I took them out to Sonny's BBQ and had a chance to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. I hope that some of them will respond.

I told our adoption story to about 40 or students at another high school today. Several of them were really moved by the whole idea that Jesus wants to adopt us into His family. I was able to talk to them afterwards. Pray.

On my iPhone this week: Nicol Sponberg "Resurrection"; The Killers "Sawdust"; Skillet "Comatose"; Natasha Bedingfield "Unwritten"

I think Drew Carey is a better host for The Price is Right than Bob Barker. Kill me now.

Some blogs I have enjoyed lately The Blogstar, Caffinated Faith, Prodigal John, Journey of Faith and [ping]



At 11/18/2007, Anonymous Jody said...

love the head shot of the boys.... :).... praying the rest of the process is quick and without any hiccups! Looking forward to reading some fun new daddy posts this Spring! Praying they are home for the oldest ones' birthday in Feb.!


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