Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yet another road trip!

We took the long way to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. We learned that if we could get our paper work to our adoption agency by Wednesday than we would have a chance of getting a sooner court date. With this in mind we decided to make another trip to Tallahassee to get some documents stamped by the state then we over nighted them to our agency who then sent them to Siberia. Crazy stuff huh? After our endeavor in 'Hassee we headed off the Penny's family in the mountains of North Carolina. Of course we did the Google Maps thing and used that route. Boy were we shafted. Google Maps through Atlanta at RUSH HOUR! After three hours of parking lot traffic we started moving towards our destination. Honestly, you Atlanta people, why? What the deal? Do people just take their time so much that the traffic builds up?a stinkin' nightmare. Penny and I decided we would never even consider a move even close to Atlanta. Curse Atlanta! Anyway, we arrived here at Serenity Farms around 10 PM on Tuesday. It's so beautiful here. More soon.

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