Monday, March 03, 2008

Uncle Dave and Aunt Bethany

Beth and Dave flew in to Kras this morning, how exciting!!!! Here are a couple of pic's of the boys with their aunt and uncle.



At 3/03/2008, Anonymous jody said...

How fun to share this with family! I am sure it makes the waiting (to return) more bearable!

At 3/03/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We miss all of you soo...much, but, are so happy you are together and can share the joy with your sister and brother!! God is so good, He continues to bring so many tears of joy. We love you and can't wait to get one of those family hugs and prayers of thanksgivng!!! Grannie & Grampy

At 3/03/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture I've been waiting for! You guys are all together-Praise the Lord! Can't wait to see you all a week from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy (hugs and kisses to those precious boys)

At 3/03/2008, Blogger Lyndsey said...

Too cool!!!

At 3/03/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love seeing the pics!! I'm sooo praying for all of you. How wonderful that you and Penny get to be a part of God's incredible plan for these 2 beautiful lives. Stay WARM and SAFE, and I'll see you all soon. Please feel my hugs and kisses coming with this message all the way from NC. XXXOOOLauraDavis

At 3/03/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After seeing your post(Feb 16th) on the weather forcast in Siberia, I had to comment back to you on how it was not much different than Cleveland.hee,hee! Me in NC, again!


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