Sunday, October 23, 2005


Each and every Sunday I get up and go to church, "my church", it's just what I do. Today was a little different than each and every Sunday. Because of our friend Wilma (I need not expound) my church was forced from of its meeting place, therefore we had a choice to make, where will we be going to church today? I havent had to ask that question for years! The answer was a no brainer for Penny and I. We knew where we would worship today. You see, around a year and a half ago a good friend and coworker of mine, Mike Wiggins was called to start a church. That church is where we worshiped today. One of the coolest things is watching a friend go and do what is so difficult, start from scratch. Since beginning the church, it has like quintupled or septupled in the number of congregants. Pretty cool. It is obvious that the Lord is doing a great work in this church. I didnt go to "my church" today. It was church, God's kids, hanging out, studying from the Word, worshiping Him. Thank you Lord that You are doing a work in Your church, not just "my church".


At 10/23/2005, Anonymous Andrew said...

How come I wasn't in the picture?


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