Saturday, February 11, 2006

Entertainment: Burger King.

Over the past two years Burger King has brought back their "King" mascot. The only words I have for them are "dude, your freaking me out!" I don't know about you but I think that BK has topped the scary Ronald McDonald clown. The various commercials with the king in bed with a dude or the king standing outside of a window staring in. Gosh! That's some creepy stuff! In the latest commercial the singing Whopperettes sing about a "freaky king". Boy, did they get it right. I wonder if BK has had a spike in Crossanwich sales or maybe the ANGUS Steak Burger has seen some more activity. Who knows if the King has pulled through for the Burger. I know one thing though, they sure have caught the attention of this blogger!


At 2/11/2006, Blogger Bryon Mondok said...

He looks plastic - but I think Michael Jackson's scarier...

At 2/12/2006, Anonymous TEX said...

I think he's an evil looking fool! The commercial with him running for the touch down is just plain freaky! I am no more compelled to eat at BK because of the fact if they keep it up I may never eat there. Why can't people just keep it simple...if you make a better burger or fries just say so and leave it at that!

At 2/13/2006, Blogger scoobarella said...

had bk this weekend, double cheese and onion ring. sweet. oh yeah, mondok, watch those jackson remarks boy!


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