Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Entertainment: WayCool Site.

Have you ever come across one of those web sites that you just have to let everyone know about? Well, I have found one. This site has archived over 5 billion sites all the way back to 1996 (thats ancient by internet standards). Any way just click on the logo above and try it out. It was fun looking at the Apple web site from 1996. My how things have changed.

Apple Website 1998

Apple Website 2006


At 2/01/2006, Blogger freddy said...

that's rad stuff... [old school word]

At 2/03/2006, Anonymous mark rodriguez said...

pretty cool... Hey how do you know freddy...

At 2/03/2006, Blogger Geppapa said...

Freedy is one of my blogging friends, I believe you inadvertantly introduced us!


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