Thursday, June 29, 2006

Funniest of the Week.

This week I have come across some funny things on YouTube, other blogs and websites. Here are the 5 Funniest of the Week....

5. The YouTube Hall of Fame - Bill Simmons. for those who are Bostonians or ESPN junkies you know the name Bill Simmons. Every week he has an article he writes for Usually they are very funny and quotable. This week he has a classic "list" article where he shares his favorite clips from YouTube. Some of my favorites: Bo Jackson's documentary on who? Himself. Classic Bo highlights. Bo knows...Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson's song "Whatzupwitu". This is awful, just awful. I have never seen this before and I laughed all 30 seconds of it I watched. If you can watch the whole thing, please let me know so I can congratulate you. There are others, indulge and laugh to your hearts content.
4. middle of the night - Sean Michael Murphy. One of the blogs I check often, usually has some very subtle humor. I had to read this a few times and put myself in SMM's place. Are there some nights you just can't sleep?
3. Why are people dumb? - Mike L. Anyone that shares "the other day I learned from an intelligent commenter that the pharmaceutical companies were behind the Purpose Driven Life deception" in a post is just hilarious. Michael shares from his depths and has me rolling doing so. It was one of those posts I wish I had written.
2. I was robbed by 2 men - Transition Pete. Penny and I watched this like 5 times in a row and it is an "in house" joke with us. I really hope that this is not real. If it is I'm sure it will give the exercise clubs a run for their money.
1. Limbaugh detained for drugs at airport. - CBS. I haven't listened to Rush since the last election and I probably wont listen to him again until the next election but come on. I knew that the guy was a magnet for controversy but is this really? We are talking about the same pill that I get discount e-mails about all of the time (like 10 a day, at least). I was laughing so hard (no pun intended) because the guy is now divorced (again) and he is always touting family values. I don't want to go too far with this, but you know what I'm saying.


At 6/29/2006, Blogger scoobarella said...

dude, i remember the bo knows stuff. he was the next greatest player ever. was gonna steal like 800 bases and hit 9 kajillion homeruns i 1 year, and break every record known to man. then like a week later he was injured. i still got a bunch of his rookie cards.


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