Monday, December 18, 2006

Presidential Election 2008.

I know the election is still a little less than two years away, but you gotta wonder who will be the next President of the United States of America. I'm one of the five or six people in America that still like George W and I have high hopes for the next election. He are the peeps I think will be in play:
Hilary Clinton - the New York Senator that everyone knows. Did you know she didn't live in New York until 2000, the year she was elected junior Senator. This mama will do whatever it takes for more power, including wavering her commie foundation. My prediction: she will get the Democratic nod in '08.
Barak Obama - he is an Illinois Senator who has been getting a lot of media coverage lately. Six weeks ago nobody outside of Chicago knew who this guy was, then he released his biography and the media has had an orgasmic response by putting him in magazines, news reports and most bizarre, Monday night football! I don't think the guy has a chance, although he is not a tainted the rest of the Washington suits. My prediction: He will not get the nod and will be a continuing Senator in Illinois. Expect a run in years to come.
John McCain - another Senator and hes from Arizona. He's run in the past to no avail, but now he sees nothing but green pasture ahead. Look to see McCain throw his name into the hat in January. He is chomping at the bit and could quite possibly get the Republican nod. I really hope that we could get a better candidate (I think the Republicans have a wild card tucked away!. My prediction: He MAY get the Republican nod in '08.
Mit Romney - now we are talking. He is the Governor of Massachusetts, so he actually does something. In my humble opinion Senators do nothing but walk around in a pretty suit and then every five years act like they are busy so the can get re-elected. Gov. Romney actually leads people and runs a government, a liberal Massachusetts government. Romney is a Republican in one of the most liberal states. I think he may be thee best choice for now, although he does have some baggage (who doesn't?) My prediction: He SHOULD get the Republican nod in '08.



At 12/18/2006, Blogger Bryon Mondok said...

give us someone we can vote for...


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