Saturday, April 14, 2007

More thoughts....

It's just a matter of time before I switch over to WordPress from Blogger. I appreciate all of your encouragement to take the leap. Billy has been like my own personal WordPress support.

It was 90 degrees in Palm Beach County yesterday. I went to one of our high schools for lunch with some students, my bald head got toasted because we sat outside in the courtyard.

"The Office" is freakin' brilliant!(I think I have said that before). I was really thinking that Michael was going to jump into the castle.

It think my parents are going to get a Wii. Imagine that, senior citizens that play video games, and enjoy them!

I think I'm going to have to get knee surgery soon. A couple of months ago I was playing dodge ball and completely blew out my left knee. Stay tuned.


At 4/14/2007, Blogger Victor Estrada said...

four things...

2. I thought Michael was going to jump too.
3. I highly support any senior citizen getting a Wii... In fact I think everyone should have one
4. Dodgeball is a rough sport.

- Vic

At 4/14/2007, Anonymous ba said...

About that WP support...who should I send the invoice too?

Dude...back in Texas if you had any part of your knee functioning after a few years of varsity was an indication that you didn't try hard enough :)


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